Writings from Here ― February through December, 2020

Image by Peter H, Pixabay

February 12th ‒ Self-care, World Love

Pour your heart and soul into what you really want to do. Bring along your mind and body, and take good care of yourSelf. This care ultimately spreads the love―through the light of love to the world. Share your light this way.

We love you,

Mioma, Wind Feather & Friends

July 5th ‒ Light

Allow and accept healing, peace and joy in life―these honor those you might grieve. See the light in every circumstance, and bear light. Be not just a light seeker, but a light bearer!

Move forward with light, even as you walk through shade or dark circumstance, for dwelling on the pain and unseen does itself not reinforce nor shine the light―for yourSelf or any others who may be concerned.

Allow and accept the light in every aspect of your being, as seeking and bearing must include the element of being. Here again, we allow and accept healing, peace, joy and all other energies we associate with the light you call God.

Mioma & All

November 7th ‒ Belief

I [2mysticwriter in a dream] was with an angel. Together we healed. Then s/he/they showed me again, as if to say, “Look, you can do this. You can heal.”

I replied, “But I have been trained to believe I can’t do this.”

The angel said, “Yet you know now you can.”

Let go of all former doubts and beliefs to make way for your new understanding.

Mioma & Friends

December 20th ‒ Do, Apply & Create

Do now what you know to do, what you teach, what you’ve leaned. Apply these to releasing, healing, and taking right action [thus] affecting your well-being at all levels in every way. Begin again each day. Your well-being creates well-being in the world in which you live.”


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1 Response to Writings from Here ― February through December, 2020

  1. 1onewall says:

    TY Mioma❣️ We are the healing light! And so it is. 💕 Nancy


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