Teaching the Teacher

On applying teachings to Self:

“We welcome and encourage your effort, though it is hardly new for you. Again, it is a matter of focus, and, as you stated, your intention.

Varied Readings: Wisdom is Everywhere
Varied Readings: Wisdom is Everywhere

Reading will be a good addition. You read much now, but more can be read, and more varied readings. Wisdom is everywhere.

The time to focus is now—on all aspects of your life.

Balance activities to renew your vitality.

Release fear and doubt. Yes, there is change in life, but no “other shoe to drop” or hounds of obligation chasing you. Relax and enjoy your life!!”

With love and light from,

Mioma, Georgie & All

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2 Responses to Teaching the Teacher

  1. Good reminder. Thank you Mioma.

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  2. Dove Flowers says:

    Thank you!!!

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