Center Within

Note: Excerpted from writing dated February 25, 2022.

“When work or distraction has left you pulled from center, allow yourSelf to return, with some earthly haste. Your energy and focus are required.

“Your reaching up may be turned within to find that which you seek.”

With our love,

Mioma, Leah, Wind Feather, Carl, Georgie, Dad, Uncle Sam

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Prune, Weed & Manicure

Note: Excerpted from the writing dated October 7, 1998.

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Highest and Best

[I entered this moment with Mioma and friends holding the space for guidance in how best to let go, release, replace and allow in my life today. Below you may find their response. — 2mysticwriter]

Your presence in the present will guide you well. This will allow you to ask “this or that” in such a way as your intuition will guide you for/to your highest and best good in choices related to all aspects of your life. Allowing and then acting upon these choices for your highest and best will indeed bring and activate your and highest and best in every aspect of your life.

Here with love and light, Mioma and friends

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Teaching the Teacher

On applying teachings to Self:

“We welcome and encourage your effort, though it is hardly new for you. Again, it is a matter of focus, and, as you stated, your intention.

Varied Readings: Wisdom is Everywhere
Varied Readings: Wisdom is Everywhere

Reading will be a good addition. You read much now, but more can be read, and more varied readings. Wisdom is everywhere.

The time to focus is now—on all aspects of your life.

Balance activities to renew your vitality.

Release fear and doubt. Yes, there is change in life, but no “other shoe to drop” or hounds of obligation chasing you. Relax and enjoy your life!!”

With love and light from,

Mioma, Georgie & All

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Writings from Here ― February through December, 2020

Image by Peter H, Pixabay

February 12th ‒ Self-care, World Love

Pour your heart and soul into what you really want to do. Bring along your mind and body, and take good care of yourSelf. This care ultimately spreads the love―through the light of love to the world. Share your light this way.

We love you,

Mioma, Wind Feather & Friends

July 5th ‒ Light

Allow and accept healing, peace and joy in life―these honor those you might grieve. See the light in every circumstance, and bear light. Be not just a light seeker, but a light bearer!

Move forward with light, even as you walk through shade or dark circumstance, for dwelling on the pain and unseen does itself not reinforce nor shine the light―for yourSelf or any others who may be concerned.

Allow and accept the light in every aspect of your being, as seeking and bearing must include the element of being. Here again, we allow and accept healing, peace, joy and all other energies we associate with the light you call God.

Mioma & All

November 7th ‒ Belief

I [2mysticwriter in a dream] was with an angel. Together we healed. Then s/he/they showed me again, as if to say, “Look, you can do this. You can heal.”

I replied, “But I have been trained to believe I can’t do this.”

The angel said, “Yet you know now you can.”

Let go of all former doubts and beliefs to make way for your new understanding.

Mioma & Friends

December 20th ‒ Do, Apply & Create

Do now what you know to do, what you teach, what you’ve leaned. Apply these to releasing, healing, and taking right action [thus] affecting your well-being at all levels in every way. Begin again each day. Your well-being creates well-being in the world in which you live.”


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The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

We wake from our sleepy journey and wade together into the twinkling pools of promise scattered along our path and around the periphery of the greater water. The water draws us, resonating its life within us. Light radiates from and infuses the water’s every atom. It both beckons and inspires.

Water gives to the earth to manifest life in all its beauty. Our firm footing is claimed. It is the foundation and holder for our understanding, a vast, boundaryless expanse from which we ourselves may expand.

The wind is at our backs urging us on, an invisible yet clearly present advocate guiding us with bare whisper to howling gale, calibrating to our need.

The need, the fire which rides inside, is a silent ember ignited by the mysterious desire of our enthusiasm. It quickens from its meek yet vital glow into a brilliant concert of energies fueled by all that we are. This fire is not a destructive force to fear, but the passion within us flaming beyond dimension of time and sensations of place, size, shape, taste, touch, colors and sound. It is the bold fire of zeal shining its light, dawning and broadening into wholeness, a clarion for wisdom, clarity and confidence.

The path is clear as the beaming light of our inner fire reaches to meet the source of all light—not shimmering beyond, but illuminating within and around us.

Wake up, sleepy head.

With love and light from,

Mioma, spirit friends & 2mysticwriter

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Unfurl Understanding

Unfurl Understanding

Reach deeper inside then let go to unfurl the wisdom you seek. Set your compass inward, beyond thought, beyond self to inner Self, to the where-less place which joins the highest Self with the All that is, the I AM.

Move beyond the mind’s clutter and the heart’s ache to further within. From here you unfurl understanding like a path, a bridge built, a way to and in which to bring and engage higher, clearer understanding to your waking world.

With love from Your Friends

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Allow Your….

Allow Your

Allow Your….

Know that through your focus, you allow. You allow your dreams, your desires, your vision—as well as healing and knowing and sharing work, for Self and others.

Breathe and be with you today.


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Forward and Inward

Breathe in now and center yourSelf before taking the step―before taking each step, any step. Breathe in knowing you breathe in the Divine―the centering, assuring, clarity―bringing energy into every aspect of your being.

You bring this breath first to body then to mind. Clearing your mind this way  you now may experience thinking like a new spring morning after an evening of light rain. The air is clear, clean and filled with anticipation, as are your thoughts.

These thoughts clearly show you the steps ahead. Each step, like your breath, is taken one at a time. As you are ready, each step includes more, then more.

KNOW all is well and move forward and inward to it.

With our love and our light,

Mioma, Wind Feather & Friends [through Tanya]

Forward and Inward

Forward and Inward

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Reach Within As You Stand at Sink

Reach Within As You Stand at the Sink


More reaching for me, for the light, for your angels, for God.

Reach within for that higher vibrational place within you, even as as you

Stand at the sink,

Stretch on your mat,

Wash your laundry,

Check your messages.

Reach inside for more light until it surrounds you and infills your thoughts and feelings.

Use it to focus on and in your world.

Mioma, Georgie, Wind Feather, Carl & Friends

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