Think On These Things

Think on these things:  the dreams you hold in your heart, happy expectations, the gratitude you feel for any of the people, things, situations in your life and [those that] are yet to come, the twinkle in your friend’s eye[s], the twinkle in your own eye[s], the tree, the flower, the bird, the dog’s gaze of love. Leave yesterday’s hardship in the past. You need not share it or analyze it today. Fill your mind today with all these higher thoughts we recommend and even more will come to you. Be happy. Strive to feel good.

Mioma, Wind Feather and Friends

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3 Responses to Think On These Things

  1. What a refreshing and uplifting sharing. Thank you.

  2. Stefrog says:

    I remember when I was younger I wanted to escape.. I just wanted to die…and I remember thinking of a flower…how I would never enjoy the simple yet astonishing beauty of even just a flower. I really like what you wrote…the simple everyday things can and do mean so much. It’s easy to forget or take them for granted. Thank you for being you. Peace and love.

  3. Jane says:

    Beautiful, beautiful words Dear Friend! I love you.

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