Going Within Meditation

They take me in my mind’s eye to the side of the hill where we look out over a valley and guide me to a sitting rock. The breeze is light and temperature perfect. From our vantage point we can see for miles without interruption. The depths of the valley expands in greens and yellows ending only where the distant hills and mountains begin the march of browns, blues and grays.

The sun warms me.

Mioma puts his hands on my shoulders. I relax and accept the healing that moves through every cell. I am soon meditating and my eyes close. Wind Feather is embracing me, protecting me, allowing the healing to take hold, sheltering me from outer distractions. We are within.

“Yes,” she says, “we are within.”

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1 Response to Going Within Meditation

  1. Hey Tanya. This entry is lovely. I experienced being there with Mioma. What beautiful, descriptive language. How great that you are still so close to Mioma and Wind Feather.

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