Forward and Inward

Breathe in now and center yourSelf before taking the step―before taking each step, any step. Breathe in knowing you breathe in the Divine―the centering, assuring, clarity―bringing energy into every aspect of your being.

You bring this breath first to body then to mind. Clearing your mind this way  you now may experience thinking like a new spring morning after an evening of light rain. The air is clear, clean and filled with anticipation, as are your thoughts.

These thoughts clearly show you the steps ahead. Each step, like your breath, is taken one at a time. As you are ready, each step includes more, then more.

KNOW all is well and move forward and inward to it.

With our love and our light,

Mioma, Wind Feather & Friends [through Tanya]

Forward and Inward

Forward and Inward

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1 Response to Forward and Inward

  1. Dove Flowers says:

    Yes! Oh yes! Timely. Thank you!!

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