The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

The Path is Clear

We wake from our sleepy journey and wade together into the twinkling pools of promise scattered along our path and around the periphery of the greater water. The water draws us, resonating its life within us. Light radiates from and infuses the water’s every atom. It both beckons and inspires.

Water gives to the earth to manifest life in all its beauty. Our firm footing is claimed. It is the foundation and holder for our understanding, a vast, boundaryless expanse from which we ourselves may expand.

The wind is at our backs urging us on, an invisible yet clearly present advocate guiding us with bare whisper to howling gale, calibrating to our need.

The need, the fire which rides inside, is a silent ember ignited by the mysterious desire of our enthusiasm. It quickens from its meek yet vital glow into a brilliant concert of energies fueled by all that we are. This fire is not a destructive force to fear, but the passion within us flaming beyond dimension of time and sensations of place, size, shape, taste, touch, colors and sound. It is the bold fire of zeal shining its light, dawning and broadening into wholeness, a clarion for wisdom, clarity and confidence.

The path is clear as the beaming light of our inner fire reaches to meet the source of all light—not shimmering beyond, but illuminating within and around us.

Wake up, sleepy head.

With love and light from,

Mioma, spirit friends & 2mysticwriter

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2 Responses to The Path is Clear

  1. Rawlins says:

    Now you’re talking!

  2. Jane Ray says:

    Beautiful, my friend!

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