Be True to YourSelf

Be true to yourSelf in the food that you buy and eat. Allow your awareness to speak to you through vibration. Be true to what you know and feel and follow through with your own inner guidance. Do not allow the voices of others or seeming inconvenience of something to dictate to you against your own better knowing. In the same way in which you are certain about your spiritual beliefs may you be about this aspect of your life. As you do believe that all things are connected you may easily see the physical form and what you feed it are extensions of your spirituality.

With our love,

Mioma and Wind Feather

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1 Response to Be True to YourSelf

  1. glwglw002 says:

    Polonius: “This above all: to thine own self be true,” The extent of this wisdom can not be overstated. Thanks Mioma

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