Releasing Ghosts of the Past

From 2mysticwriter on 1 Dec 1993, Wednesday

What more can I do to release the ghost of the old [job, relationship, block, idea, etc.]? What am I not doing?

Feeling still. You buzz about ‘one step ahead’ of yourself, the intellect struggling to keep control. The feelings you believe you are running from are pain, fear, sadness. But you are also avoiding the feelings of joy.

As Mioma has said before, “It’s your life. Paint it with joy as well as understanding.”

I would like to put all of these many things into a bonfire and be done with them for good.

These ‘things’—many are feelings, are they not? You want to put the tag in the fire and leave the gift? No! The whole is connected. The subject, the title of a thing, its name is not enough (usually). With you, the entire experience, which includes feelings, must be reckoned with. In many cases this mean feeling your way through and into the understanding. The intellect may only confuse you. Many times the intellect is especially seductive, the analysis and the figuring out of a thing becomes the game with no solutions when turned to matters of the heart and soul. Turn today to your journal and drawing pad. Let tears come. Let laughter be with you, through you.

Many are with you.
You need not understand.

Wind Feather

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Edge Out the Doubt

Edge Out the Doubt

Panicking (again) about my writing. Searched for conferences online. Googled for local Mastermind groups. Thought about calling an artist friend (Val). Getting nudged instead to allow spirit writers to help. Do I trust this? Is it put-your-dreams-where-your-beliefs-are time?

Breathe! You know you are moving in your right direction. Allow your knowing to edge out the doubt. Move one breath, one step, one keystroke at a time.

We smile, knowing this moment and your already subsiding “panic” brings you closer to your dreams!

With love and light,

Mioma and Wind Feather

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Light and Focus

Shine the light; focus will follow.

Our love to you,

Mioma, Wind Feather and FriendsMIoma and Friends (2)

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Best Gift

The best gift you can give is your best self, Self. Self-care is priority, inside and out.

We do love you.


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I am reaching for You
You are everywhere
But here inside is where I must find You
Feel You
Allow You
As You guide me
Opening the Universe of possibilities before me
For me
Take Your Hand
Take a step
Accept You
Accept Me

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Walk Easy

Walk easy, one sure foot before the other, with the knowledge that you are capable of all you meet. If you tire, breathe in from the source that empowers you. Lean, when you need, upon us in spirit and know we walk with you.

Our love,

Mioma & Friends

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Going Within Meditation

They take me in my mind’s eye to the side of the hill where we look out over a valley and guide me to a sitting rock. The breeze is light and temperature perfect. From our vantage point we can see for miles without interruption. The depths of the valley expands in greens and yellows ending only where the distant hills and mountains begin the march of browns, blues and grays.

The sun warms me.

Mioma puts his hands on my shoulders. I relax and accept the healing that moves through every cell. I am soon meditating and my eyes close. Wind Feather is embracing me, protecting me, allowing the healing to take hold, sheltering me from outer distractions. We are within.

“Yes,” she says, “we are within.”

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